1st MTGV Workshop on Rainfall Products Validation and Hydrological Applications in the Tropics

Welcome to the 1st Int. Megha-Tropiques Ground Validation  Workshop !

To be held in September 25-27th, at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, in Toulouse

Latest News  :

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Workshop Objectives  :

This informal workshop is dedicated to Satellite  Rainfall Products Validation  and applications , with a focus on Tropical regions.

The discussions will focus on two key questions of special relevance  for satellite rainfall users and developpers in the Tropics  :

How  well can we evaluate Satellite Rainfall products and the associated errors in regions with scarce rain gauges networks  ?  

How do rainfall uncertainties propagate in Hydrological applications and the water budget ?

Papers on methodological  and theoretical issues are welcome, as well as results on validation, hydrological applications and sensitvity  tests, in various tropical regions.

Check the more detailed  topics below :

Topics :

Direct Validation – assessment of  GV  uncertainties

  • Direct validation from
    • rain gauges,
    • weather radar 
    • alternative rainfall measurement (microwave llinks etc.)
  • Ground truth uncertainties  /  Impact on apparent product performances
  • Scale  and Sampling issues 
  • Dealing with intermittency – validation of rain/ no rain mask.
  • Conceptual / empirical error models for satellite and ground rainfall products       

 Hydrological Validation – Rainfall error propagation

  • Indirect or hydrological validation techniques  (use of basin outflow  or other water budget studies )
  • Cross-validation studies using  measured soil moisture , water levels  etc.
  • hydrological validation : practical exemple
  • Analyzing and quantifying Hydrological models sensitivity to satellite rainfall bias and uncertainty.
  • Rain error propagation  in Hydrological  water budget

Preliminary results from Megha-Tropiques Validation activities

  • Preliminary diagnostic of BRAIN instant rain rate retrieval using tropical weather  radar
  • TAPEER daily accumulations performances  within the inter-tropical zone
  • Zoom on West African Super site results


Note also that a mini  course is planned on the 27th evening : applied  course on how to use the  free R package, to process your Rain Gauges data  as a ground reference  (spatial averaging and sampling uncertainty evaluation using block-kriging techniques / basic comparisons an statistical scores  etc…)


Abstract Submission / Registration : 

Abstract submission is opened until July 15th 2013

To submit an abstract or register to the conference you will first need to create an account on this site using the  menu on the left.  If you already have an account with sciencesconf or HAL you may use it.

Notification on oral/poster acceptance will be given in July.

Registration is free  of charge.

Financial support :

Partial financial  support  is available for a very limited number of  participants  : please enquire  at mtgv-ws1@sciencesconf.org   to apply.


Organizing Committee (mtgv-ws1@sciencesconf.org)

Marielle Gosset, GET, Toulouse

Rémy Roca, LEGOS, Toulouse

Nicolas Viltard, LATMOS, Paris

Sophie Cloché, IPSL, Paris


Download the 2d announcement here :    second_announcement_MTGV_WS1 



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