Workshop Venue

The first MTGV workshop will be held at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

14 avenue Edouard Belin in Toulouse


Hotels and other usefull info for Toulouse 


Rooms have been pre-booked at the   (75€ / night)

and at the   (appart hotel studios 70€ / night)

Please contact us ( to book one of the above (we will need credit card details to garanty the room)


For those who are using the CNRS portal  for their mission, we recommand you choose one of the Ours Blanc Hotels as your choice.



a complete list of hotels and general information on the city can be found can be found on the Tourism Office  site :

Other usefull links :

  • Here is  a sublist of popular hotels in Toulouse  


  • Info on Toulouse's Public Transport system TISSEO


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